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This isn't the type of book I read. This isn't the type of story I like. I was wrong, and I'm sorry.

This isn't the type of book I read. This isn't the type of story I like. I was wrong, and I'm sorry.

Is there life after finding yourself on the wrong side of a judgemental, largely anonymous, internet horde? 

A sci-fi, time-travelling, mind-bending murder mystery. 

Excellent, practical advice for gathering, sorting, managing, and organizing information.

The orginal true crime novel. Horrifying, thoughtful, and ahead of it's time. I can only imagine what it was like to read when it first came out. 


Two things I never tire of: photography and data visualization. Maybe the perfect mashup book.

Aaron Draplin has one of the most authentic voices out there. He's a half-decent visual designer, too. And he's laid it all out there in a book that's pure fun to flip through.

Good news, inquisitive people! Research is everyone’s job. If that sounds daunting, relax. Erika’s got you covered.

Perhaps you've heard of the movie by the same name?

Hang in, suspend your disbelief, roll with some sci-fi/fantasy types and by the time you're done you'll be on the other end of a touching, sweeping, lifelong journey.

A letter-by-letter, topic-by-topic breakdown of world soccer from the esteemed Men in Blazers.

San Francisco's never seemed less gentrified than it does in Hoffman's novel. 

So much better than the show. So much better than the show. So much better than... 

Foundational. Don't let the word "art" in the title fool you. This is about getting up every day and doing your job. You'll end on a high when you finish this book. When you find yourself at a low, pick it back up.

Packer wrote this in 2013. I think I read it in 2014. In hindsight, it foretold the 2016 presidential election.

Perhaps you've heard of the movie by the same name? (An annual rewatch for me.)

The little words we say between the big words we say say so much more about what we're saying.

Concepts, examples, explanations, and resources galore. Just a complete, fantastic resource.

Heavy lifting, but worth it. Invaluable theory and critical reminders that products are ultimately discussions and they can quickly disintegrate into ‘Who’s on first?’ - with your audience becoming an ever-more-frustrated Costello - if you don’t orient them properly.

A wholesome story of violence, religion, sex, immorality, and viscera set in rural, post-WWII Ohio. The way this book feels at times, it should've come wrapped in roadkill instead of a dust jacket. 

See previous entry for The Devil All the Time. Donald Ray Pollock's mind goes to dark places. 

The book that broke one of the great multimedia storytellers of our time. RIP.

Kathy’s been the voice of the customer since I-don’t-know-when. In this book, she shows us how to create experiences that reward people and help them grow over time. And in turn, how those people will help your product grow over time.

One of those books you'll find yourself revisiting every once in a while for inspiration.

In this era, if you're not sharing, you're not working. This book tells... errr, shows you how.

Social and political commentary from an alternate reality where Nixon thrived. Like a lot of comic books graphic novels.

"Complicated stuff in simple words". Hmmm, imagine that.

Post-apocalyptic, dystopian, mystery/drama/sci-fi. Don't go outside.

Historical fiction set against the 1992 Los Angeles riots. If the first 10 pages don't grab you, this book isn't your thing.

Back in 1960, John Steinbeck (yeah, that one) loaded his dog up in a camper and went out in search of America. Lucky dog. Amazing what's changed. Startling what hasn't.

The world is ending. Nothing matters. So, what's the point of solving a crime when we're all gonna die?

Words for things we don't have words for in English. Cool peek into how other cultures describe things... smile-to-page ratio = 1:1.