Media month in review: August 2020

A scene from S2 E2 of Mr. Robot

TV: Mr. Robot and Perry Mason. Movies: The Verdict. Books: Trick Mirror, and Lovecraft Country.

I’m old enough to remember when SF was dead

A still showing a destroyed NYC in the movie "I Am Legend"

About 5-7 years ago, every 3rd article written about San Francisco was by some disenchanted soul who was on the verge of leaving. Today, it’s New York’s time in the barrel.

Milton Glaser on ethics

A photo of the graphic designer Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser was an icon and a pioneer. Sadly, he passed away yesterday at age 91. Here are his thoughts on how our work impacts the world.

The return of Revisionist History

A photo of author and podcaster Malcolm Gladwell

Season 5 of the Revisionist History podcasts is back. Here’s why you should give it a listen.


A wind turbine set among rolling hills off Hwy 12 in California.

From June 2013.

Before you post about that social issue

A decision tree explaining when to post on social issues.

Knowing when and how to communicate about polarizing social issues isn’t difficult. Just follow this plan and you’ll be alright.


A cowboy trying to wrestle a steer to the ground

From August 2006.

Lake Berryessa

A panoramic photo of Lake Berryessa

From 2013.

David Spade on Standup Comedy Spotlight, circa 1990

The pre-show disclaimer for VH1's Standup Comedy Spotlight

Revisit the days when standup comedy was on TV 24/7 (and acid-washed jeans) with a set from David Spade from around 1990.

Spin Magazine – March, 1987

The cover of Spin Magazine from March, 1987 featuring Beastie Boys

In 1987, Spin Magazine gave the Beastie Boys 5 pages to write whatever they wanted. The results were predictably irreverent and full of inside jokes.