Malcolm Gladwell is back with season 5 of his Revisionist History podcast.

I know it’s become sport for some to attack Gladwell’s books for how he builds a case around his hypothesis. To me though, the real reason to read (or in this case, listen) to Gladwell is because he’s a master of asking “why?”. This fundamental, but powerful question has been driving a lot of social change lately. We should be asking it more often.

In the end, it seems to me that Gladwell doesn’t care much about whether you agree with him or not, though in interviews he strikes me as someone who’s not going to agree to disagree easily. What he does seem to care about is that you take the journey with him and spend some time in contemplation. You’re always free to draw your own conclusions.

Bonus: If you’re new to the podcast, here are the episodes that listeners recommend the most, according to Podyssey.

Sad to hear that Lights Out with David Spade was canceled after only about 9 months on the air. I watched it just about every night and I liked the format, generally speaking. Apparently, Spade and the producers didn’t feel the same way – they constantly cut or reshuffled the segments until the monologue came at the end of the show. And even that seemed to work and sent each night’s show out on a high note. The recurring segments where Spade fed jokes into a celeb’s ear at open mic night and ran the production of trashy reality shows were highlights.

I recently stumbled across this old episode of VH1’s Standup Comedy Spotlight from 1990-ish. Spade comes on at the 8:40 mark, but I recommend watching the entire video. Some of the old commercials took me back (and looked really dated).